Voyage of the Dunbrody

Introduction -:

But for three friends these tunes would never have even seen the light of day, so "thank you" to John Renbourn (RIP), for having given me a gentle but firm "kick up the backside" at the time to get me back playing guitar again. Romain Rabot, and Keith Offord for their musicianship in turning some very sketchy "guitar doodles" into the following tunes.


Sample mp3s
Voyage of the Dunbrody Voyage
Thoughts of You Thoughts of you
Perth Sunset Perth Sunset
Charlie's Rag Charlie's Rag
The Three Brethren The Three Brethren
Ag pógadh do bhéal milis ( Kissing Thy Sweet Lips) Kissing Thy Sweet Lips
The Pelican -: ( John Renbourn) Pelican
Conyach Conyach
Planxty Ellen Ronayne Planxty Ellen Ronayne
Storm Over Glencoe Storm Over Glencoe
Lord of All Hopefulness Lord of all Hopefulness
PC Blues PC Blues
Danse d'Arras Danse d'Arras
Midnight Midnight

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Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice

Introduction -:

This collection of tunes was written between Dec 2005 and July 2009. My nieces and nephews began having children of their own around that time, and having written Lucy's Tune. ( she was the first) It seemed obvious to try and compete the set. My Mum simply loved cuddling her great grandchildren and this CD /and these tunes are dedicated to her and them with all my love. On a short tour around Ireland a few years ago John ( Renbourn ) and I started jamming around Lucy's Tune, and several months later John very kindly added his second part to the tune, so it appears here in the duet version.


Sample mp3s
1. Nursery Rhyme Nursery Rhyme
2. Lucy's Tune Lucy's Tune
3. Charlotte's Tune Charlotte's Tune
4. Aoife's Tune Aoife's Tune
5. Harry's Rag Harry's Rag
6. Rosie's Tune Rosie's Tune
7. Sam's Blues Sam's Blues
8. Eleanor's Tune Eleanor's Tune
9. Isobel's Tune Isobel's Tune

Sugar And Spice is available from CD Baby