Some friends / Influences

Clive Carroll

Now established as one of the best steel string acoustic guitar players in the world, we are all running out of  superlatives to describe Clive's playing.

Clive and I met several years ago through our mutual friendship with John.

I had never known John be so complimentary about anybody else's guitar playing in all the 30 plus years that I knew him.

Lily Neill

Probably like most guitar players, I have tried and struggled to arrange O'Carolan tunes for guitar, with various degrees of success. 

Then you hear somebody like Lily playing them on harp, and you wonder why you even bothered.

Absolutely breathtaking technique, and as I write, one of the most talanted virtuoso working in the UK

The Wee Bag Band

Rory and I "survived" St Hugh's school in Birkenhead together.

We recently met up again after about 30 years when they played a gig down the road from me.

They are an absolutely brilliant band specialising in Irish music, check out their web site and catch them if you possibly can.

 John Pearson

John with "Breakdown" and myself with "Jasmin" hooked up and became friends for life back around 1982.

Best acoustic blues guitar player in the UK by a country mile. (and then some)

John has recently recorded a series of You Tube videos for Atkin guitars, they are absolutely superb.

Start off with this one for The Hunter's Purse and you should be able to find the rest from there.

Morelle Smith

Morelle and I became friends around 2007.

She has recently wriiten a really beautiful book about her and John's travels around the world through the 90's called Every Shade of Blue.

It is a unique book,  for anyone that knew John, I hope that you will buy it